What Is POTS??

What Is POTS??

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Did You Know That Lightning Sometimes Precipitates POTS?

My husband was hit by lightning, indirectly twice before he became ill with POTS symptoms. By indirectly, I mean both times he was touching things that were hit by lightning. The first time he was working on wiring inside a metal roofed car dealership's ceiling. The second time, he was welding on a rooftop of a building and a storm started rolling in.

Over the years, I mentioned it to his doctors, whichever one we were seeing at the time. They always looked at me like I was nuts, and that they didn't believe a person could be struck by lightning twice. not seek medical treatment either time and survive. But he was stubborn.

I found some articles about it and now feel somewhat vindicated. What I believe happened was that the lightning damaged the myelin sheath of his nervous system. But the exact mechanism by which lightning causes POTS isn't totally understood.

I'm here to tell you lightning can and does strike twice.

Central Hyperadrenergic State After Lightning Strike

New Onset Postural Tachycardia Syndrome Following Lightning Injury PDF file

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