What Is POTS??

What Is POTS??

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Feeling Rough Tonight

I have too many emotions about being sick. Today I took my BP and did the whole lay down, sit up stand up routine. I'm keeping records for my doctors. My BP went up some, but my heart rate went up 30 bpm from start-point. I got dizzy, I had chest pain, to the point my daughter wanted me to take nitroglycerine for it, and I have had weakness and a numb sensation in my head ever since. I have to hold onto the walls to go to the bathroom.

I've been thinking about how my husband died from this condition and I hate that my family will have to deal with me having it.

This stuff sucks. That's not very eloquent. But there it is.

Our dog has been keeping me company. She tries to be a good nurse.

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